About Us

The Trust has opened the educational institutions- Shree Vidya Niketan College of Medical Science and Research and Essen School of Nursing since 2006 with necessary recognition from Govt. Of Odisha, Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi, Govt. of India. Both the institutions are in operation since more than one decade.

The college is providing Health science as well as Rehab Science courses like BPT, B.Sc (Nursing) and GNM. The School is also important short health science courses. Hundreds of students have passed out and are employed with good salary in both Govt. and Private hospital in the state and outside. In the process the Trust with the operation educational institutions has created a number of Trained/skilled Nursing personnel besides highly trained physiotherapists. In addition to it, the institutions have been doing many social programmes for the benefit of the poor, SC/ST Persons. PWD, and weaker section of the society.

Board of Trustees:

All the Trustees of the Board are highly qualified and having an inclination towards social Upgradation with a view to develop the people economically and socially.

Board of Advisers:

Besides the trustees many imminent persons like Lawyers, Physicians, Administrators, engineers, financial managers and persons with social mind set have been in the board of advisers to advise suitably to the Board of Management for successful development

Governing Council for the College.

In addition to the above the college is having recognised Governing Council to advise the Board of Management in day to day affairs.


The guiding policy of the organisation is to provide quality education with parental care in imparting training to the students in an enlightened atmosphere. It is our endeavour to instil in their young minds a disciplined way of living and service to their fellow being.

Our Mission

our mission is

  1. To create nursing personnel of international standard to cater to the needs of the state and the country as well.
  2. To make trained youth employable.
  3. To instil social mindset in the students with a view to serve the needy, the disabled and the downtrodden in the society with dedication and sincerity.
  4. To impart, spread, develop professional health science courses in physiotherapy, Nursing and Bio-Science.
  5. To tap the natural resources of the state and develop the youth or its utilisation and create living.
  6. To build world class health science professionals.


The organisations’ vision is

  1. Working sincerely and dedicatedly to make the organisations of International standard giving quality education embedded with social bent of mind.
  2. Minimum cost, maximum care.
  3. Providing rehabilitation to the needy
  4. Make the society forget social taboos.
  5. Keep open the doors with new ideas for the coming generations.

Our Achievements

This organization is in its eleventh year and is advancing with good progress by the bliss of The Mother and God

During these years the trustees have put their sincere efforts in bringing success for the Organization as well as to create a place in the social arena of the state. We have achieved in providing proper and excellent education and practical training which has allowed our students to perform better in their fields. Many of them are working in most reputed hospitals and govt. Schools to provide better training.

The organization has also achieved better position in providing training to its students by proper educational and practical atmosphere, which helps them to achieve their future goals.